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Utility Locate Services

Utility Marx provides public and private utility locate service, concrete scanning, pipeline sweeps, and more.

We locate ALL utilities: electricity, gas, communications, water, sewer, storm drain, oil, and steam, with or without records!

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Why you need a utility locate before you excavate.

Although it is the law just about everywhere, each year some contractors and homeowners excavate without first obtaining an accurate utility locate, causing millions of dollars of infrastructure damage, serious injuries, and even death!

Our Utility Locate Technicians are professionally trained to accurately locate ALL types of underground infrastructure using state-of-the-art technology. Our technicians are experts at creating precise and detailed infrastructure maps. Our Utility Locate Technician will verbally explain all the underground infrastructure that was discovered and where it is located, then answer any questions you may have. With the completed locate, you can proceed with your excavation in compliance and with confidence.

Protect yourself and your workers. Avoid costly infrastructure damages and protect your bottom line: Excavate with a Utility Marx Locate today!


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