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Utility Marx Canada

Utility Locate Services

  • Utility Marx provides public and private utility locate services across Canada.

  • We locate ALL utilities: electricity, gas, oil, steam, communications, water, sewer, and storm drain with or without records!

  • 24-hour emergency services available!

Learn about services and schedule a utilities locate, GPS, or One Call package request.

Private Locate

Regular pre-scheduled service.

Private Locate
(Priority Service)

Same day service or jobs requested after 5pm for next day service.

Private Locate

5pm to 7am
Weekdays, Weekends, and Holidays

Ontario OneCall Coordination

(plus Private Locate Rate if required)



Pipeline Sweep
(Minimum 2 Person Crew)

Per person rate applies.

Over Night Accommodations

Per person rate applies.

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Canada: Headliner
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