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Who We Are

Utility Marx has been providing private and public utilities locate services, GPS services, and job site consultations since 2009. Our meticulous utility locators are professional, trusted, and, collectively, have decades of experience between them. Utility Marx undertakes projects of all sizes: property owners, small and medium contractors, large contractors, major utility companies, and government agencies. If you need an accurate utilities locate now, not in months, schedule your project with Utility Marx today.


At your worksite, time is money. That’s why Utility Marx has flexible service options allowing you to schedule your utilities locate on your terms. We offer several utilities locate service levels:

  • PRIVATE LOCATES (SCHEDULED) for regular, pre-scheduled jobs

  • PRIVATE LOCATES (PRIORITY) for same day service or jobs requested after 5pm for next day service

  • PRIVATE LOCATES (AFTER HOURS) for jobs from 5pm to 7am or Weekdays, Weekends, and Holidays

  • LOCATE PACKAGES (ONE CALL) let us put together your entire locate package

  • GPS (SURVEYS) let us do your survey work for you

  • CONTRACTS which are custom packages for governments and large contractors.

If you need a utilities locate right now or if you are scheduling your future projects, count on Utility Marx for accurate, expert, experienced, and professional service.


You know your job site must be safe and comply with all regulatory requirements. You must have utilities locate documents on the job site at all times when excavating. Keep your workers safe, avoid costly damages, and comply with governmental regulations. Let Utility Marx accurately locate, mark, and provide the mandatory documentation required for your project. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are always available for consultation and can advise owners and site supervisors on safety and best practices.


Keep your work site safe, comply with governmental regulations, and get your utilities locate done fast and accurately. Many companies and contractors rely on Utility Marx and you can too! Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team members with your project details now.

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Mission Statement

The Utility Marx Mission Statement lays out the overall directions and strategies involved in how it measures success, unifies teams, drives qualified recruitment, ensures safety and accountability, and inspires customers.


Measuring Success


At Utility Marx success is measured by having a safe work environment and satisfied customers which fuels company growth. Utility Marx believes every work environment must be a safe work environment. A safe work environment is accomplished through training and certification, immediately stopping and reporting unsafe work when discovered, making sure all employees' interactions with each other are respectful and free from harassment, and by conducting regularly scheduled safety meetings where all employees have the right to voice concerns and ideas. Customer satisfaction is paramount. Customers must feel they are in good hands when working with Utility Marx. This starts with treating customers with respect and offering helpful advice or suggestions when warranted. Job results must be thorough, accurate, and presented professionally, including: the initial locate request communication, the locate technician introducing themselves on the job site, the accuracy of the locate, the presentation of paperwork, and the final billing. Customer questions or concerns are to be addressed immediately to the satisfaction of the customer. Company growth can only be achieved by having a safe work environment and satisfied customers.

Unifying Teams


Unified teams are the bedrock of the company. The goal is to have all teams and team members working towards the betterment of the company through safety, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Team members are free to voice ideas and concerns to their team leaders at any time. Team leaders must respond to their team members in a constructive and timely manner. The various teams themselves always will take into consideration how their team decisions will impact other teams, team members, and the company overall; thus inspiring a “we’re all in this together” attitude.

Recruitment Strategy


Utility Marx strives to hire the best possible talent available. Utility Marx actively recruits competent, experienced talent from a wide variety of resources attracting potential employees with competitive wages, drive-time allowances, benefits, and in some cases, a company vehicle. When experienced talent is not available, Utility Marx will recruit carefully vetted potential candidates for it’s inhouse Apprentice Locate Technician program. Employee retention is accomplished by continuing to provide competitive wages that increase with experience, by ensuring employees' concerns and ideas are acted upon quickly, and by providing an overall friendly, team-oriented approach in all aspects of the company.

Ensure Safety and Accountability


Employees are accountable for their actions including the safety of themselves and others, the accuracy of their work, their participation on teams, and the overall professionalism Utility Marx strives to achieve in all aspects of the business. Utility Marx trains, certifies, supervises, and empowers employees to create a safe work environment at all times. Accurate work is expected at every level of the company. Any mistakes are to be immediately corrected and reported. Employees must participate in their respective teams with the goal that all teams are to be working collaboratively for the betterment of the company. Every employee is a representative Utility Marx and as such they are to conduct themselves in a friendly, professional, and helpful manner at all times. Working safely and being accountable for one’s actions are key to creating a strong and healthy work environment.

Inspire Customers


Utility Marx inspires its customers with friendly and professional interactions at every level, accurate work, and constructive feedback. Being professional and friendly makes customers feel they are in good hands. Accurate work builds customer trust. Constructive feedback or advice provides the “Wow!” factor by bringing to light some things the customer may not have even thought of. Customers count on Utility Marx for professional communication, accurate work, and outstanding service that goes above and beyond their expectations.

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