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Positions Currently Available to Residents of Canada who are legally entitled to work in Canada:


Utility Marx is an industry leader in underground infrastructure damage prevention. We locate electrical lines, water mains, gas pipelines, communications lines, and more! By accurately locating, marking, and mapping underground utilities we ensure excavations are performed safely and help to maintain critical infrastructure. This is one of the most important jobs in the excavation process!


The Damage Prevention Technician career path is both challenging and rewarding. From executives to managers and supervisors to other technicians, we work as a team and we always have your back. 


As well as all the individual perks the job offers, there are many benefits to joining the Damage Prevention Technician career path, including:


It’s a Growth Industry 


Want career security? Good news: the underground utility locator industry is projected to grow at a rate of 5.68% between 2019 and 2023. This is driven by the increasing concerns around safety and security regarding underground utilities. A strong construction sector is also generating interest in these services. When it comes to jobs in demand, underground utility locators will be increasingly sought-after and well-compensated. 


Opportunity for Training and Development 


We know the importance of proper career training, and we will never send technicians out to a job unprepared. You will receive extensive training in locating methods, equipment, safety regulations, and more. Learning never stops: we’ll ensure you have the most up-to-date education so you can provide the best quality and service to our clients. 




This is an ideal job for those who are self-motivated and able to put their skills and training to work without someone looking over their shoulder every minute. Trained utility locator technicians enjoy an independent environment as they go out in the field. But it’s not isolating! You will interact with our team and our clients in order to provide solutions to their underground utility obstacles. 


Chance to Do Important Work


Ultimately, underground locator services are all about safety. Striking an underground utility line can result in everything from interruptions in service to dangerous or deadly gas leaks and explosions. As a technician, you play a key role in keeping contractors, crews, and communities safe. What’s more important than that? 


Leaders Who Have Your Back 


Yes, you will have a great deal of independence, but you will never be in a position where you must deal with a challenge or problem alone. Utility Marx has extensive experience in underground utility locating; training is essential, and so is the knowledge that you can ask your team for assistance and advice at any time.


Join Us!


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