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Ontario OneCall Coordination

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Our Coordinators work directly with you to understand your project schedules and explain the complexities of Ontario OneCall's locate packages (validity dates, remarks, suppressions, suspensions, site meets, etc.)


Our Coordinators submit a request based on the information below. OneCall process the request, generates a list of utilities associated with the request, and sends us a confirmation. One Call also sets a Work To Begin (WTB) date of 5 business days from the date they process the request, by which time all of the utility locates are to be completed. As your request approaches the WTB, our Coordinators identify any locates that are lagging and contact the locate service providers (LSPs) to expedite the completion of the locate. Once the locates are completed, our Coordinator will assemble the package and send it to your chosen team members.


Our team recalls requests* as they approach expiry to provide continuity for the duration of your project. By tracking each utility from the start, we ensure that your OneCall package remains valid regardless of delays from LSPs. This sometimes requires an overlapping OneCall request, which will be communicated by our Coordinators as required.


Complete the form below and let our experienced OneCall Coordinators manage your Ontario OneCall locate requests!


*Unless specified, all requests will automatically be recalled to avoid lapse in validity of your Ontario OneCall package. Please include a note in the Special Instructions below to request a one time only Ontario OneCall without recalls. To cancel or stop recalls for your job site, email

Utility Marx OneCall Coordination Request Form
Must be in .PDF format.

Thanks for submitting!

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